Meet Cassie

SCAN0015In those great moments when my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude, as I dance like a goof around the kitchen while I feed my kids, and watch their faces light up in laughter, I remind myself, this is what it’s all about. Life. This is why I am here…to love these children, to smile with them, to grow with them and to remember how good it feels.

As a child myself, I had a big imagination.  I was off in my own world often. You could find me out in the backyard talking to myself and skipping around totally unaware if people were watching. That’s one of my favorite things about childhood, that unknowing, that innocence, no inhibitions. It’s my favorite feeling to capture in photography. It, for me, is the essence of childhood and why we fall so deeply in love with our children.

I started out my photography journey at a young age. My mom (who also loves photography) made sure I had at least a toy camera to play with starting at age one. When I was in the third grade I completed my “what do you want to be when you grow up” class project with a picture of myself standing in a field holding an SLR camera. At the bottom of the page it said, “When I grow up I want to be a photographer”. The desire was there at age 8, which amazes me. When I was 17 my mom lent me her Honeywell Pentax film camera, which I brought to school to photograph my classmates and school. I enrolled in the one photography class we had there and learned how to shoot and develop my own film in a darkroom. It was my favorite class and I still have a few of the gelatin silvers I developed back then. To me, they are so special, a great example of capturing a time and a feeling in my life.

When I was 28 I had my first child, Ava. I took time off my training to be a marriage and family therapist to be a full time mom to her. I learned so much in those first two years about being a mother and about who I am. I had this little angel girl who began to inspire me. That passion for photography flared up again as I watched her grow, and as I grew with her I recognized that I wanted to capture the moments we were experiencing. I wanted her to have a keepsake to look back on someday, and, the plain truth of it was I was falling in love with the images and getting so much gratification when I got one that spoke volumes. A timeless photograph that somehow spoke the love I feel for her couldn’t be more special to me.

 I realized I wanted to do this for other people too. I wanted to capture their moments and stories…falling in love, getting married, a new life, a grandparents 100th year on this earth, anything worth freezing in time.

I feel so blessed to do what inspires me.

I hope to get the chance to meet you. It’s always an honor for me to be asked to share in your story.

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