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The Lammers Family

Happiest 1st Birthday to the happiest boy on the block! xo  Love this Family!


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This is Eight and Four.

This beach. It’s saved my state of mind many a day of feeling bogged down by the monotony of life. How many days this beach has held me and warmed my skin when I needed it and refreshed my mind. Just a short, windy drive through redwood trees to the coast, and 25 minutes later, we arrive at 20th street beach. The air is a little cooler, and smells of salt water. We can see to infinity as we peek out through the trees and trek down the road to the beach. This beach. Brad brought me here in the beginning and set up a beach bonfires for us. We sat in the night, listening to waves, looking up to the stars, talking about…. everything. Now we bring our babies here. And now they get to let the ocean pull everything weighing them down out of them too, so we can all start fresh. Many times I bring my film cameras down here and take my frustrations out shooting. I don’t believe in myself enough.  Sometimes I need to go there, in a mad and determined way, and say to myself  “I can DO this!” to get motivated to try and possibly fail. Funny that we are all so afraid of failure, when it’s a teacher and path toward success, and in the process makes us so much more real. It’s just that ego that wants to get it right the 1st time, I guess.

Ava turned 8 on April 26th, so photographing her as she is now was my main goal.  Nathan is 4 and I hadn’t shot him after his January Bday yet either, so here I am, once again practicing with medium format and 35 mm film on them. I want to shoot more film, but I still have fear to work through and many mistakes to make. My D700 feels like my 2nd right hand. I know it by heart and I know how to make magic with it. I need to remind myself that I got there and continue to get better because I’m practicing. So I’ll keep practicing. Both.

There’s just something about film though. It has an authenticity that really speaks to me. So glad it’s still here for us.

beach.jpgthe shot resized.jpgAva.jpgava2.jpgava3.jpgmyloves.jpgthe buddy.jpgbackofhim.jpgNathan.jpgjump!.jpg

*If you want to shoot film at your session, just say the word and we can play with it too.

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The Wong Family

It’s official, spring is here and I am so filled up & inspired! It’s like nature pressed the “refresh” button. All is so green, and the lighter evenings let us stay out and play in the glowing light. Everything is waking up again, including myself. My clients are calling and we’re setting up sessions to mark the time again. It really goes so fast. Gavin turned 2 on March 12th. He is one of the most beautiful boys I’ve met. He was reserved and shy with me this time, but I have a big heart and a lot of space for that. Daddy brought out that smile that he shared with us among the peach blossoms in Saratoga. Thank goodness for Daddies.

Happy Spring! Let’s get YOUR session booked too. It’s too beautiful out not too! xo



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The Shim Family


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Jett’s 3rd birthday {styled by Beijos Events}

Beijos cakelet.jpgBeijos cakelet6.jpgBeijos cakelet7.jpgBeijos cakelet9.jpgBeijos cakelet10.jpgBeijos cakelet3.jpgBeijos cakelet2.jpgBeijos cakelet5.jpgBeijos cakelet8.jpgBeijos cakelet4.jpg


As always, such.a.treat. to work with the ladies of Beijos! Cheers and happy 3 to Jett! xo

Styling/Design/Flowers: Beijos Events / Custom Invites: Good on Paper / Wooden Menu + Cocktail Signage: Brown Fox Calligraphy / Pillows/Napkins: Boho Pillow / Rad Stamp:Poppy Paper Stamp Co. / Desserts: The Sugar Studio / Tattoos, Ballons, and Yippe Sign: The Printed Palette



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The Dylewski Family


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The Crockett Family


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The Olson Family


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Christman Family | Nestldown | Los Gatos Photography

This was a very special session. First reason being it was at the amazingly beautiful Nestldown up in the Los Gatos Mtns. Kym and Dan were married there and have an anniversary coming up this month. They hadn’t returned since their wedding day and decided a family photo shoot would be a good reason to visit again. I love that idea–capturing the family you’ve created in the place you became one. We met there in late afternoon. The light was golden and it was Miss Quinn’s 1st birthday, the actual day. Kym had made her a headband out of a part of her wedding dress, which added to the sentiment of the whole experience. She also brought a white peony for Quinn to hold because it was in her bouquet on her wedding day. So thoughtful. It’s a gift to know this family. I’ve loved being there to capture holiday photos and family milestones for them, and this was no different. Happy Anniversary, Dan & Kym! You’ve created a beautiful family.

Cassie Green Photography Christman Family9.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family2.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family10.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family8.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family 12.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family7.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family5.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family6.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family11.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family4.jpgCassie Green Photography Christman Family3.jpg

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Charlotte & Mackenzie’s 3rd Birthday | Los Gatos Event Photography

Charlotte and Mackenzie were born extremely early and weighed each only 1 pound at birth. The sweet little things were in the NICU for an extended period of time and extremely vulnerable. Brought home on oxygen, mom was encouraged to keep them isolated for health risk reasons for over 2 years. Now, finally, they are 3 and mom used the gratitude and joy for her healthy little babes to celebrate with all the people  and doctors who have supported them for the past three years. She collaborated with Beijos Events for design and hired Frozen’s Elsa and Anna (the Twin’s favorites) to be there  with all their magic. Guests were invited to donate to Good Samaritan Hospital in lieu of gifts. It was awesome to see how happy and healthy  Charlotte and Mackenzie are. They were practically spellbound by the arrival of the ice princess, as all their friends were too. “Let it Go” was sung loud and clear by all the kids, Gelato was served from Dolce Spazio in Los Gatos, Face painting, bubble machines, a magic show…you name it, it was happening. It was a happy day. I was glad to be there and to once again, meet another sweet family. Here’s a peek into the party.


Cassie Green Photography 4.jpgcassie green photography 15.jpgcassie green photography 7.jpgcassie green photography 6.jpgcassie green photography 10.jpgCassie Green Photography 3.jpgcassie green photography 14.jpgcassie green photography 11.jpgcassiegreen photography 9.jpgcassie green photography 9.jpgCassie Green Photography 2.jpgcassie green photography 8.jpgcassie green photography 12.jpgcassie green photography 13.jpgCassie Green Photography 1.jpgcassie green photography 16.jpgcassie green photography 5.jpg


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