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The Frampton Family (+1 to grow on)


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It’s a BOY!

There is no way to fully describe how happy I am for this sweet couple. Dear to my heart. My little sister and her hubby. They’re adding to the family tree and they are truly amazing people (in my humble opinion , of course). This babe is so lucky to get them for parents. I can’t wait to meet him and tell him so. To share the journey of motherhood with Mina will also be a gift. We share so much already, our view of this life we live, and who we live it with. We have the same sentiment, and aching for love, kind of heart. We know each others truths because we were raised together. And we are like minded. She knows me inside and loves me always. Those are the kinds of relationships I want in my life and to have it with a sister is rare. Even though there are endless cards, and quotes, and trinkets to message us that that’s how it “should be” with your sister, I wonder how many of us actually feel that way. We don’t get to chose our family, but we love them in a special way because they are family.  I get to love her both ways.

*Images shot at high noon with Kodak Portra 400 on a Mamiya645.—which goes to show, like I always say, there is no perfect time of day to shoot, just perfect moments to capture.


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The Frampton’s


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The Pan Family


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The {growing} Leinart Family


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The Todd Family


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The Stewart Family


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The Pineda Family

Pineda 2.jpgPineda 6.jpgPineda 12.jpgPineda 16.jpgPineda 14.jpgPineda 8.jpgPineda 17.jpgPineda 15.jpgPineda 11.jpgPineda 1.jpgPineda 18.jpgPineda 10.jpgPineda 13.jpgPineda 9.jpgPineda 3.jpgPineda 5.jpgPineda 7.jpgPineda 4.jpg

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The Bisbee Family

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”Mary Oliver


 *Such naturals, this family. I loved meeting them and photographing them. Elise said to me when we began, “so, we just play?” YES! That’s what we do. So easy. So natural. Thank you.

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It’s a Girl | Su Family | Los Gatos Maternity Photogrpahy

I’m excited for the Su family. They are waiting on their baby girl to arrive and I’m thrilled that I can also be there to capture her newness when she comes.  Stay tuned and you’ll get to catch a glimpse of baby Su’s precious little face in just a few weeks. For now, you can admire Martina’s belly. So beautiful and perfectly round. Just a few weeks left of being a family of three. So funny that when I was at this point I feared not being able to love my 2nd baby as much as I loved Ava. I was so wrong. There is no end to love. Absolutely no end. It’s such an awesome ride. Get ready! xo

Cassie Green Photography .jpgcassie green photography 1.jpgCassie Green Photography 2.jpgCassie Green Photography 3.jpgcassie green photography 4.jpgcassie green photography 5.jpgcassie green photography 6.jpg

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