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Noah Alexander Grosman

noahblog8.jpgtreesin truro.jpgNoahAlexander3.jpgNoahAlexander2.jpgNoahAlexander1.jpgnoahblog6.jpgthe Benneker house.jpgnoahblog2.jpgNoahblog.jpgNoahAlexander4.jpgNoahbath.jpgNoahAlexander5.jpgnoahbabylight leak.jpgThe Benneker Barn.jpgnoahblog1.jpgnoahblog9.jpgnoahblog5.jpgnoahblog7.jpgnoahchubs.jpg

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Greyson Pace

You forget how tiny they are. Their little bodies melt into you. As I walked in the door, daddy handed baby to me. “Do you want to hold him?” Oh, the luxury of holding a newborn in my arms. I just love how it feels. I told them I can appreciate so much more the sweetness of this stage when it’s not my baby. I was too sleep deprived and anxious the first time around. I think that’s why it’s become easy for me to comfort newborns…. I have the skills left over from having my own, but the ones I’m soothing now I haven’t used all my energy on. I’m not trying to balance equal attention between kids, plus a photography job, and mommy work on top of it all. So, I have so much patience and time to relish in the moment. I love that. It’s amazing. Hats off to this mama who is gracefully learning how to juggle two babes now. She is a light and a love. She truly appreciates the art of photography, and after receiving her images wrote to me saying:

“Cassie, I am speechless over these pictures! I literally have tears in my eyes. You are such a talent and I’m beyond grateful to have found you. I love them, they mean the world to me.”

Greyson Pace20.jpgGreyson Pace5.jpgGreyson Pace15.jpgGreyson Pace21.jpgGreyson Pace12.jpgGreyson Pace4.jpgGreyson Pace3.jpgGreyson Pace14.jpgGreyson Pace13.jpgGreyson Pace18.jpgGreyson Pace6.jpgGreyson Pace19.jpgGreyson Pace2.jpgGreyson Pace17.jpgGreyson Pace7.jpgGreyson Pace10.jpgGreyson Pace9.jpgGreyson Pace11.jpgGreyson Pace16.jpgGreyson Pace8.jpgGreyson Pace1.jpg

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Sophie Francis | 6 days old.


The peacefulness in the home really shows for me in these photos. I fell in love with the¬†bright light and the character of their home immediately. All the little detail inside reminded me of the home I grew up in in Massachusetts. Mom and Dad were so calm as new parents–I was in awe of them. I love that smile on mama. So in love already. I shot a combination of film and digital images. So glad to meet this super sweet family. I’m excited to share these with them. xo

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Baby Agustin


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Baby Alma

Cassie Green Photography Newborn3.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn 1.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn6.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn9.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn7.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn2.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn8.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn5.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn4.jpgCassie Green Photography Newborn10.jpg

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Mr. Ford Frampton


These two. I just had to say something about this session. I love them. I was there to document when they got married, got a new home, had an anniversary, got pregnant, and had their first baby. Oh my, I feel so much gratitude. They are so in love, and truly bring out the best in each other. Meeting what they created, little Ford, was a blessing. He’s a love. And his mama has some great decorating skills, I must say, but my favorite piece in the nursery was the Wild Things portrait. Drew sketched¬†that as a child on the back of his bedroom door. That’s his bedroom door on the wall. How special and what a talented kid..

Thanks for peeking. xo

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Baby Beckett


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Baby Tate


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Welcome Paxton


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Baby Camden


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