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Baby Paul

I know sometimes when you bring a new baby home to your other kids it can sometimes feel chaotic, trying to split attention, making sure everyone feels loved and seen. It can be a lot of pressure. I remember it well. Personally, I know,  being the 2nd born of three, it can be tough for a kid too. We still have the proof (letters I wrote to my mom) of how she ruined my life. Of course, now my little sister is one of my favorite people in the world.

The funny thing is that, for me, it’s such a peaceful and relaxed experience to walk into a newborn session. I love witnessing the moments of interactions of new siblings, I love how they ask for attention, and I love to give it to them and make them feel special. I kind of get to be a fly on the wall into a really intimate experience of moments. I think that’s why I get so attached to my clients: because I’m sharing and capturing these moments with you and they are SO important. I’m witnessing the strength of your love for each other and the joy that comes from being together. I’m witnessing what brings my life energy and light: Love.


*This session was shot exclusively on film.*


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Finnegan Frampton

He is finally here! Finnegan was born on April 13th. Welcome to this world, sweet boy. We already love you so.

You guys know Brendy as one of the creatives I love to work with. Incorporating her into our sessions adds so much detailed beauty through her warm inspired touch. By now she has turned into a really good friend as well. As this munchkin was growing in her we would get together and talk about being mothers, about being wives, about life and what our experiences have taught us, or what we hope they will. These kinds of relationships are invaluable to me. It’s so important to me to be able to relate to others on the great, amazing love in our life, and the challenge that drags us down some days in boredom, or comparison, or a fussy kid, or an irritated mind; whether it’s the day, or a phase, or something that persists, it helps to know we’re not alone in it. The day I sent her these final images was the 1st day she was alone with both of her boys. I remember feeling so accomplished on that day for me. I even vacuumed! I was in slight shock that I actually survived the day, but it built my confidence up. I recently read somewhere, “Mothering begins and never ends”. That’s 24 hours a day, non-stop until they get big kind of a job. With mother’s day coming up, I’ve been reflecting on the true gift motherhood has been for me and how I can’t (and even before I had kids, could never) have imagined myself without them. I also never could have imagined how beautiful and unique they would be and how the bits and pieces of Brad and I and our parents and siblings would come together to create a completely new and unique human.

I mean, wow.

Just so lucky, and sometimes too bogged down to feel it. But that’s ok. That’s motherhood. It’s perfect and messy and irritating and exhilarating.

One of my mama friends in my life posted this article to fb recently and I wanted to share it with all the mamas that may check in on this blog from time to time. I loved the relief I felt when I read it and my sister and I agreed, we’ll refer back to it on the days that are harder. To remind us to go easy and be in the moment.

Want to be a happy parent? Give up these 15 things to find joy.  by Carol Tuttl







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Sophie Francis | 6 days old.


The peacefulness in the home really shows for me in these photos. I fell in love with the bright light and the character of their home immediately. All the little detail inside reminded me of the home I grew up in in Massachusetts. Mom and Dad were so calm as new parents–I was in awe of them. I love that smile on mama. So in love already. I shot a combination of film and digital images. So glad to meet this super sweet family. I’m excited to share these with them. xo

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Baby Agustin


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Lenti’s woodland-themed nursery featured on Inspired By This!

I loved this mama’s style and when I walked into little Lenti’s nursery my jaw dropped. Sp perfect, so cozy and natural, every piece placed with thought and love. It’s so fun to see it up on Inspired By This blog today. Head over to see the feature here.

From the IBT blog:

Not only is this woodland nursery on our baby blog today covered in  stuffed animals, books, and cozy blankets, perfect for baby, but the boho-chic and simplistic decor is something anyone can appreciate! Mom and Dad and two month old baby “Lenti” (short for Valentine) posed in the perfect little nursery for Cassie Green Photography and gave us all design envy!
A full Teepee from House Inhabit, baby moccasins, and a full wall mural from Anthropologie, add to the woodsy theme, while colorful heart and triangle garlands keep the space bright and fun! Even the Oeuf baby crib and dresser are eco-friendly and all natural wood! We love all the little details Mom thought of in designing this space and how woodland creatures are incorporated all over the place, from mini figurines and wall prints to the baby mobile. The light airiness of the nursery and the inspiring quotes (we’re a sucker for these) surround the baby with lots of pleasing images and even more love. They thought of everything to make the space fit both their style and what a baby needs – and it looks like she loves it!

IBT 1.jpglenti13.jpgLenti2.jpgIBT 2.jpglenti23.jpgIBT 3.jpgIBT 4.jpgIBT 5.jpglenti9.jpgIBT 6.jpgIBT 7.jpg

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