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The Frampton Family (+1 to grow on)


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The Wong Family

It’s official, spring is here and I am so filled up & inspired! It’s like nature pressed the “refresh” button. All is so green, and the lighter evenings let us stay out and play in the glowing light. Everything is waking up again, including myself. My clients are calling and we’re setting up sessions to mark the time again. It really goes so fast. Gavin turned 2 on March 12th. He is one of the most beautiful boys I’ve met. He was reserved and shy with me this time, but I have a big heart and a lot of space for that. Daddy brought out that smile that he shared with us among the peach blossoms in Saratoga. Thank goodness for Daddies.

Happy Spring! Let’s get YOUR session booked too. It’s too beautiful out not too! xo



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The Jones-Pound Family


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The Shimelfarb Twins


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The Jones Family


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Maggie | San Jose Children’s Photography

What a treat to see Miss Maggie again!

She’s just darling, and FULL of personality. Oh! And those curls!! L.O.V.E.

We had a great shoot laughing with her.

Enjoy her little sneak peek:


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My Boy | Los Gatos Children’s Photography | Personal

I had one of those moments today where I was just overwhelmed by Nathan’s sweet smile and the way he looks at me.  It inspired me to get out my camera and capture it. He’s changing so fast I feel like I can barely keep up with it. He’s nearly 17 months and just the greatest joy. I never dreamed this blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy would rock my world in the way he has. I. am. so. blessed.

Please take a peek at the handsome boy I share my days with. He’s my little lover boy. It’s over. He’s got me. I’ve melted.


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Baby Rory | Los Gatos Newborn Photography

I have to start this post by saying how much I appreciate and love Las Madres. It has been such a gift to meet the moms that have supported me in raising my, now almost 5 year old, Ava. And now I get to meet more and more moms through the amazing women who refer other las madres friends to me for photography. I’ve never met one that I couldn’t relate to. It’s just awesome to know we’re all out there doing the same job…learning how to be mothers to these little beings that make us overflow with love. Sometimes I think about it when I am up in the middle of the night nursing. I know I’m not doing it alone. In fact, I’m pretty sure a face that I know and have met (and probably photographed) is most likely doing the same. It’s a great bond that we share.

This was a fun shoot for me for many reasons. First off, I got to meet a new family, which I always love. Second, the star of the show, baby Rory, was born on March 13th, which is the day I was born 33 years ago! And third, I just fell in LOVE with the Dittmar’s home. Oh my! It was all character–so unique, and full natural light. It reminded of New England homes, which I will always love in my heart. Just being there brought a smile to my face for that reason.

But back to to the main purpose of this post! Introducing….. Baby Rory!

She was such a good baby for all the jostling around that she experienced. She is little sister to Big Bro, Cason, who is a ham and a total sweetheart, reading books and kissing on his new sister. I really enjoyed spending time with the Dittmars. Thank you for inviting me into your home, and BIG Congratulations on the sweet new addition to your family.



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