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Eleanor and Martin De Jong {Kohl Mansion}

“And I’ve known others and I’ve loved others too, but I loved them cause they were stepping stones on a staircase to you” — “Offering,” A Carolina Jubilee -Avett Brothers

kohl mansion wedding25.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 37.jpgkohl mansion wedding1.jpgkohl mansion wedding34.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 38.jpgKohl Mansion wedding 36.jpgkohl mansion wedding21.jpgkohl mansion wedding32.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 40.jpgkohl mansion wedding23.jpgkohl mansion wedding24.jpgkohl mansion wedding22.jpgkohl mansion wedding33.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 42.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 41.jpgkohl mansion wedding26.jpgkohl mansion wedding28.jpgkohl mansion wedding27.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 45.jpgkohl mansion wedding29.jpgkohl mansion wedding31.jpgkohl mansion wedding30.jpgkohl mansion wedding18.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 46.jpgkohl mansion wedding19.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 43.jpgkohl mansion wedding20.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 47.jpgkohl mansion wedding17.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 44.jpgkohl mansion wedding15.jpgkohl mansion wedding16.jpgkohl mansion wedding14.jpgkohl mansion wedding 2.jpgkohl mansion wedding12.jpgkohl mansion wedding 7.jpgkohl mansion wedding 8.jpgkohl mansion wedding 9.jpgkohl mansion wedding10.jpgkohl mansion wedding 6.jpgkohl mansion wedding 5.jpgkohl mansion wedding 4.jpgkohl mansion wedding 3.jpgKohl Mansion Wedding 48.jpgkohl mansion wedding11.jpgkohl mansion wedding13.jpg

It was a perfect day. The most beautiful part was the genuine gratitude and happiness exuded by the Bride and Groom for all who were there, participating, making the day complete. I’ve never seen a bride and groom so full of love and grace. So glad I got to be a part of that.

Florist: Plan Decor

Hair: Avenue Styles Salon

Makeup: Melissa Oliveria

Caterer: Thomas John Events

Lighting: Enhanced Lighting

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Nicole and Narayan

Such a lovely way to whisk us off into the weekend…. with these two love birds.  If I had to break it all down into to one word I would call it: GENUINE.

Everything about them–the way they love each other, the career paths they chose, the way they think, the art she creates, the fun that they have, and their kindness. Our conversations went from talking about finding meaning and “waking up” in our lives through mindfulness, to quoting Usher. (what?!) They are that dynamic, and real, and in touch, and young and cool. We laughed a lot and connected on deep deep levels. I felt like I had just met two great friends. They live up in Los Altos in the cutest little studio with wild grasses wrapped all around it. We went to one of their favorite parks in the area to capture them together. I shot them until there was no light left to shoot with and I had no reason to be there anymore. It sounds silly, but it’s true. It was so mellow, fun, and up-lifting. Best of all, it was revealed to me during our conversations that Narayan is the son of a woman who heals my soul when it’s aching. She speaks my truth. I listen to her talks regularly and her words dance through my mind as I fall asleep at night with her book on my face. Her name is Tara Brach. I almost cried when I realized this. Narayan just smiled at me and said “I’m so glad she’s helped you so much.” Nicole giggled a little and said “star struck?” um, yes. yes. yes! What a mother-in-law to inherit! So blessed.

Then the magic of both having family homes in Truro was brought to light and I think I almost fainted. Wow. So special to share the east coast, west coast love and lifestyle. It was meant to be to meet these two. A huge gift! I am so happy for them and wish them the absolute best life possible together. They are perfect together. What an honor to be a small part of their life,  freezing a moment in time for their babies to see someday. I shot a mixture of digital and medium format film.

Nicole and Nar 10 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 3 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 11 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 12.jpgNicole and Nar 7.jpgNicole and Nar 2 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 1.jpgNicole and Nar 13.jpgNicole and Nar 8.jpgNicole and Nar 14.jpgNicole and Nar 6.jpgNicole and Nar 9 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 5.jpgNicole and Nar 4.jpg

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Diane and Derek | Scott’s Valley Wedding

” The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.” –Paulo Coelho

Cassie Green Photography Wedding5.jpgCassie Green Photography Wedding1.jpgCassie Green Photography Wedding2.jpgCassie Green Photography Wedding8.jpgCassie Green Photography Wedding3.jpgCassie Green Photography Wedding7.jpgCassie Green Photography Wedding4.jpg

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Pope Ceremony | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

It’s always an honor to photograph the celebration of two loved beings committing their lives to each other and sharing that with the people that mean the most to them.

Just in meeting Anna and David for the first time I could understand why they are so loved. Anna is just pure love and kindness.The two of them ooze youthfulness and a total freedom of spirit. They are adventurers at heart and their celebration was partly a sharing of the adventures they’ve been on. Anna and David had already technically married one year ago and spent an 8 month honeymoon traveling the WORLD. You can catch up with them on their blog:

The table placements were based on airline tickets to the places they’ve traveled. I love that. So special and unique to them, yet such a cute idea!

They met years ago, each on a personal adventure, on the streets of Bangkok. And now, having returned from their honeymoon, they brought family and friends together from all over the world (Germany, Australia, etc.) to be with them to renew their vows and share the uniting of their lives, love and traditions with them. And, let’s not forget, to PARTY!

Thank you for asking me to be a part of your day!

I loved every minute of it. xo



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A Backyard Wedding with a View | Bay Area Wedding Photography

It’s really an honor to shoot a wedding. It’s amazing to witness two people make a commitment to each other that forms out of love. I get choked up during the ceremony every time, and this wedding was no different. It was very intimate with close friends and family. Rick built the bridge over the pool by hand with his sons, and together they united their two families as they walked over it. I’m grateful I could be there and document the day.

Here is a peek into the day with all the details.

Thanks for asking me to be there, Tami. xo


Dress by Madeline Gardner

Flowers: Three Sisters

Makeup: Kem Cosmetics

Hair by Maureen Enciso

Cupcakes: Sweet Tooth Confections

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