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Eleanor and Martin

These two. I am so excited for them. So soon! August 13th we’ll document a really important day in their lives. They are so good together, so natural, so real, so easy going. We had a blast together up at the Bay-lands in Redwood City. So glad they asked me to be thier photographer. Don’t forget to peek back this fall to see their wedding day! As we were walking around Eleanor said two things that I loved: one was, “you’re such a mom.” (haha! so true), and the second, “Cassie, I love your vision”. Best.Compliment.Ever. Thank you, lady.  See you guys soon! xo


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Nicole and Narayan

Such a lovely way to whisk us off into the weekend…. with these two love birds.  If I had to break it all down into to one word I would call it: GENUINE.

Everything about them–the way they love each other, the career paths they chose, the way they think, the art she creates, the fun that they have, and their kindness. Our conversations went from talking about finding meaning and “waking up” in our lives through mindfulness, to quoting Usher. (what?!) They are that dynamic, and real, and in touch, and young and cool. We laughed a lot and connected on deep deep levels. I felt like I had just met two great friends. They live up in Los Altos in the cutest little studio with wild grasses wrapped all around it. We went to one of their favorite parks in the area to capture them together. I shot them until there was no light left to shoot with and I had no reason to be there anymore. It sounds silly, but it’s true. It was so mellow, fun, and up-lifting. Best of all, it was revealed to me during our conversations that Narayan is the son of a woman who heals my soul when it’s aching. She speaks my truth. I listen to her talks regularly and her words dance through my mind as I fall asleep at night with her book on my face. Her name is Tara Brach. I almost cried when I realized this. Narayan just smiled at me and said “I’m so glad she’s helped you so much.” Nicole giggled a little and said “star struck?” um, yes. yes. yes! What a mother-in-law to inherit! So blessed.

Then the magic of both having family homes in Truro was brought to light and I think I almost fainted. Wow. So special to share the east coast, west coast love and lifestyle. It was meant to be to meet these two. A huge gift! I am so happy for them and wish them the absolute best life possible together. They are perfect together. What an honor to be a small part of their life,  freezing a moment in time for their babies to see someday. I shot a mixture of digital and medium format film.

Nicole and Nar 10 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 3 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 11 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 12.jpgNicole and Nar 7.jpgNicole and Nar 2 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 1.jpgNicole and Nar 13.jpgNicole and Nar 8.jpgNicole and Nar 14.jpgNicole and Nar 6.jpgNicole and Nar 9 FILM.jpgNicole and Nar 5.jpgNicole and Nar 4.jpg

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Featured on Inspired By This Blog!

It’s always such an honor to have a feature on a blog that you love and look to for inspiration. Perfectly named, Inspired By This, is one of my favorites, and the ladies behind it are pure kindness. Head on over and check out the feature here. Brendy and Drew are two of my favorites. Brendy was the first person I trusted to take care of my little Ava when she was just 16 months old. She is love itself and only brings that into my life. I couldn’t be happier for her that she found Drew. They are match made from the stars. These images shared today were shot exclusively on film!! I couldn’t be happier to share them with you today. For the full session blog post you can click here. Thanks for peeking. xo


brendy_drew FILM4.jpgbrendy_drew FILM2.jpgbrendy_drew FILM3.jpg

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