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Noticing the Details – The Prietto Family Session

Those eyelashes.

There was a quiet pause in our session. He was working to somehow unwrap a snack, and as I was sitting close by, talking with mom. I noticed the length of his eyelashes and an instant, that feeling of of a need to capture this made me lift my camera, focus and click. I think sometimes mom’s and dad’s worry when we take breaks in a session. I could think of lots of legitimate reasons why. Maybe one being because we are using up the valuable time you are paying for to capture everything. I get that. But I also have a great trust in the process, and I want you to too. I’ve been doing this for long enough to know that those moments when I am watching, not clicking, are when I am seeing. Noticing the details and reveling in them. The thought to heart experience is fast for me; and luckily, because kids are on the move!

So much of how I photograph you is about how I know you, so those quiet moments are never wasted moments. They are inspiration for me, and connection for us to get more intimate portraits of the most important details of your favorite people.


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The Wiemer Family

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The Satterwhite/Frohilch Family

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The Pineda Family

Pineda 2.jpgPineda 6.jpgPineda 12.jpgPineda 16.jpgPineda 14.jpgPineda 8.jpgPineda 17.jpgPineda 15.jpgPineda 11.jpgPineda 1.jpgPineda 18.jpgPineda 10.jpgPineda 13.jpgPineda 9.jpgPineda 3.jpgPineda 5.jpgPineda 7.jpgPineda 4.jpg
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The Hamberger Family

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The Crockett Family

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The Truran Family

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The Raft Family

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The Shaeffer Family

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The Rish Family

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