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The Edwards Family | Northern California Redwoods

One of my most favorite people on this earth is Erin Edwards. We’ve grown into a friendship together over the last 9 years, both of us learning and awkwardly changing, and now we are connected at the deepest of heart and soul levels. She understands me inside out and loves me just as I am, as I love her. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a wonderful friend in my life, other than my husband. I’m grateful beyond words to share the intimate parts of my mind and life with her. Everything I tell her is received with love and authentic understanding, no judgement, no competition, no false words of confidence just to be kind. There is also so much laughter between us, like immature teenagers divulging all the asinine craziness that goes on in our minds too. That laughter and ability to laugh at ourselves is so healing for me too. The best part of this session was the walk I got to take with Erin through the redwood grove, taking in our surroundings and breathing in that moist, fresh air before we drove away.

Photographing her family is so fun. Her children are full of personality, which I feel like we really captured in this session. They moved to Arizona over the past year, which was heart breaking for everyone, but thankfully, it didn’t effect the closeness we share. She came back to graduate from her masters program and asked me to capture her family again while she was here. I couldn’t be more honored. She requested film, so we shot film and digital (more film than digital). She’s been with me on this photography journey since it began and has left behind some very talented photographers to work with me. I know it’s not just because we are friends. She tells me always it’s because she truly loves my work and style. When anyone chooses me for that reason, then it’s always a good fit and a beautiful session, guaranteed.

Thank you for playing with me among the giant beauty of the Redwoods, Edwards Family. I love all of you and miss you already. xo


Edwards BLOG 6.jpgEdwards BLOG 4.jpgEdwards BLOG2.jpgEdwards BLOG.jpgEdwards BLOG DIGITAL1.jpgEdwards BLOG3.jpgEdwards BLOG5.jpgEdwards BLOG7.jpgEdwards BLOG DIGITAL2.jpgEdwards BLOG DIGITAL3.jpgEdwards BLOG1.jpgEdwards BLOG DIGITAL.jpgEdwards BLOG DIGITAL4.jpg

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Featured on Inspired By This Blog!

It’s always such an honor to have a feature on a blog that you love and look to for inspiration. Perfectly named, Inspired By This, is one of my favorites, and the ladies behind it are pure kindness. Head on over and check out the feature here. Brendy and Drew are two of my favorites. Brendy was the first person I trusted to take care of my little Ava when she was just 16 months old. She is love itself and only brings that into my life. I couldn’t be happier for her that she found Drew. They are match made from the stars. These images shared today were shot exclusively on film!! I couldn’t be happier to share them with you today. For the full session blog post you can click here. Thanks for peeking. xo


brendy_drew FILM4.jpgbrendy_drew FILM2.jpgbrendy_drew FILM3.jpg

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Sonoma on FILM

The more I shoot film, the more I fall in love with the look. There’s something so soft and natural about it. I’m still playing with my girlfriend’s medium format Mamiya (which is what these images are shot on- with Portra 400), and Brad bought me a Nikon f100 for Christmas, so I’m playing with that one too!! Another source of love and joy: my mom and dad moved to Sonoma from Boston to spend the winters here, springs and summer on Cape Cod. This was our first time taking the kids up to visit them in their new winter home in Sonoma. Such a gift to have them closer for part of the year. My mom gets photo credit for the first and last photo in this set.

*ps. Ava lost that other front tooth! She’s so cute with no front teeth!



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A Trip to The Foothills | on FILM

“Ten times a day something happens to me like this – some strengthening throb of amazement – some good sweet empathic ping and swell. This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.” ~ Mary Oliver


blogAC5.jpgblogAC6.jpgblogAC1.jpgblogAC2.jpgblogAC.jpgblog AC 8.jpgblogAC3.jpgblogAC4.jpgblog AC 7.jpgblog AC9.jpg


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