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Noah Alexander Grosman

noahblog8.jpgtreesin truro.jpgNoahAlexander3.jpgNoahAlexander2.jpgNoahAlexander1.jpgnoahblog6.jpgthe Benneker house.jpgnoahblog2.jpgNoahblog.jpgNoahAlexander4.jpgNoahbath.jpgNoahAlexander5.jpgnoahbabylight leak.jpgThe Benneker Barn.jpgnoahblog1.jpgnoahblog9.jpgnoahblog5.jpgnoahblog7.jpgnoahchubs.jpg

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Summertime in Tahoe {on film}

This year I challenged myself to only pack my film camera on vacation. I tried to capture the essence of it all, even time in the hotel room, and the truth of what that’s like. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did this, and how happy I am with the results. Stepping out of my comfort zone is so good for me sometimes and truly hard for me to do. It goes like this: set camera, focus, click, and trust. No checking and re-taking for perfectionists like me. A special thanks to THE FINDLAB for doing such a great job processing and scanning. All images are literally untouched by me in photoshop. Wow! That cuts editing time down a few hours!! Thanks for peeking. I love sharing little bits of our adventures and my practice with you. xo


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The Grove Family


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Alaia Sofia on FILM | Nikonf100

film blog1-c47.jpgFilm blog 6-c57.jpgfilm blog18-c16.jpgfim blog3-c33.jpgAhmadfilm3.jpgfilm blog14-c18.jpgAhmadfilm1.jpgAhmadfilm.jpg

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Seascape Beach Resort | Film Photography

 Winter in California means beach days? Yes, sometimes it does. How lucky we are to have that as an option. To soak up some vitamin D from those warm rays of sun while most of the country is buried in snow and the forecast only says more snow. We pay for it out here, but now I know why. We had a great winter beach day a couple weeks ago, so we headed over the hill with my mom and dad. I got the scans back from the FIND lab today. I’m still getting the hang of film, and these didn’t come out the way I had pictured in my head. They are so much more contrasty, vibrant, and bright. I love them, especially the blue sky and how it never gets blown out, no matter what, on film. A favorite game we call “fly, birdie, fly!” was how I got the shots of the kiddos in the air. A good leg workout for mom and a lot of giggles for kids. If you haven’t tried it, you must! Happy winter in Northern California! I know we need the rain, so I’m glad for the rain today, but it really is fun to get scans back and see the SUN. It always makes magic in photographs. Thank you, Sun.

seascape4.jpgseascape3.jpgseascape5.jpgseascape on film.jpgseascape6.jpgseascape2.jpgpoppi.jpg

*photo credit on the image of me and brad goes to mom. love you mom. xoxo

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