I capture the moments in between

that you may not even notice

of the love you share as a family

I use my creative eye, and masters level education in child psychology to work with each family, adapting to their unique personality style. I keep sessions playful and light hearted, 100% Child Centered, to make sure it’s fun and engaging and we get the best, most authentic images showcasing your family.

fine art

family and childhood


San Francisco, CA

Every year when my sister comes to visit we plan to take her family portraits. This year as she attempted to get everyone dressed and ready to go, I began to hear the crying, whining, and fighting begin. No one wanted to do what they were told, even her husband.

I reminded her that there’s no pressure and if it’s too big of a battle to just let the kids dress themselves. Keep up the positivity, downplay the importance it has to you, and think of it more as a play date.

When we got to our location, I took over and let the silliness begin. I started being very playful with the kids, asking them to try and make mommy laugh, and many of the other prompts I use to get the kids feeling like they are in control. I make sure the kids feel important.

“I couldn’t imagine having worked with anyone else at such a vulnerable time – one week after having my first baby! Cassie put our whole family at ease and got the most wonderful photos that we will cherish forever.”


I reminded my sister as she rolled her eyes when the kids acted up or resisted, it takes less than a second to capture a smile or moment. Even if it FEELS like chaos at the time, the moments I am seeing through my lens are not chaotic at all.

She was so surprised when she got her gallery! Swooning over the images and remarking at how much she loved each capture. Her husband spoke up at the end of the session saying “that was actually fun”. All I really want you to do is play with your kids! And when that happens, it’s fun! He was ultimately so grateful to have the images and they are framed on the walls of their home.

I asked her permission to relay this story to you because it’s a VERY common experience when you have young children (or even teens) for this to be what it feels like leading up to the session. Just getting there is a great obstacle. I know it well because I have been there! Ask me about my last session on Maui sometime. ha!

You get to let go when I come into the picture. Sometimes that means letting go of what your family is wearing and how they are behaving, but I promise to take over and do my best at turning the process into something enjoyable. I think my clients would agree that I’m pretty successful at that.