Did you know it’s Korean tradition to photograph your baby at the 100 day mark? I didn’t know this before meeting Heaven and her family, though I remember marking on my calendar 100th day of my first born baby’s life. I felt like it was important, plus the doctor said her colic should subside by then. ahh, the relief! Well, little Rohan has no signs of colic, I’ll tell you that. He was one of the most mellow babies I’ve ever worked with. And mom and dad said he’d barely napped all day. They were worried about how he would do during the shoot, and he was an angel baby. Pure sweetness. I was immediately struck by his beauty. The combination of ethnicities left me in awe. My favorite of his features was, by far, his hair.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed meeting this family and documenting Rohan at 100 days.

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