This time of year I always get a little pang in my heart knowing that back in Massachusetts the leaves are changing to beautiful reds, yellows and oranges, the air is crisp, the sun is out, and the apple orchards are bustling with people, hot cider, and candy apples. It’s just what you do on the east coast when fall comes, pile everyone in the car and go pick apples and make a killer apple pie when you get home. I can almost smell my mom’s. It, to me, is the very best. This year, after a trip this summer up to Sonoma county and seeing all the orchards up there, I made a vow to myself that I would go apple picking, even if it meant 2 hours in the car. I must have been rambling about this to some mommy friends, because I got an email about a farm in Watsonville a few days later. It’s only open on the weekends. boooo. I kept at it though and found a great place in Davenport called Swanton Pacific Farm, open on Mondays too! (Ava had the day off of school this past monday and this was my plan). It’s not bustling with people, there are no goats, or cider, or even candy apples. It’s better. It’s tucked in among the tall trees of the Santa Cruz mountains, but 5 miles away is the big, blue, cleansing pacific, and you can smell that in the air. There are at least 7 different varieties of apples and the kids can reach them all! It’s on your honor that you weigh your apples and pay for them when you leave and we were the ONLY people there. we paid, of course! I asked one of my closest friends along with her son, and our kids were overjoyed to run free through the trees picking and screaming “look at this one! It’s purple!! It’s yellow! It’s red!”. Erin and I watched with smiles, took deep breaths in of the ocean air, and felt lucky to have found this special spot.

Here’s a little peek into our late afternoon adventure to the coast.

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