Baby Isla

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I love it when a new client somehow finds me among the masses and when I ask her how, she says…”I did a lot of research”. Her hubs asks her to elaborate a little more and she continues on to say “After looking at everyones work, I felt your work spoke to me most.” I touched my heart because it was such a great feeling. That’s how you know you have the right clients in your life, right? When they too, see the meaning that you see in your images. They get it. Not everyone sees things the same way, which is ultimately a good thing for this world, otherwise it would be very boring, but for an artist who questions her value at times because I am one among soooo many, that was really special and meaningful for me to hear. And of course, the connection with them was pure ease. Lots of laughter, super easy going people, and in love with their little Isla. Abby took to motherhood like it was an old habit. It was touching to watch. That sweet baby girl will have such a healthy primary attachment, and that will make her part of healing this world. I hope I get to watch her grow. Click on each image to view on a larger scale. And try not to smile at her face. I dare you. She’s too cute!

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