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Meet Cassie

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Why I’m Your Photographer / How I’m Different:

You dream of beautiful, family photos that adorn your walls—but it always feels like so.much. work. Let’s face it… as moms, we’re responsible for getting everyone dressed, camera-ready, and hoarding enough candy to bribe our kid(s) to behave for (hopefully) just one single hour. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the photos you’ve always dreamed of, without all of the stress?  That’s where I come in!  As a photographer and a mom—I get it. That’s why I’ve developed my sessions with mothers like us in mind. Can you say stress-free?!  Say goodbye to unnatural poses, fake smiles, and forced laughs, and imagine a session where you play with your child(ren) just like you do at home, and it’s fun for everyone. My business is built on mom-to-mom word of mouth referrals, so the foundation here is a strong one. Let’s get those family photos you dream of and have fun doing it!


What to Expect:

A child-focused photography session so stress-free and fun that your loved ones will forget we’re taking pictures! (Yes, even the husbands!) With a background in Early Childhood Education and Masters in Counseling Psychology, I know all of the tricks to get those beautiful, candid photos you dream about without the pain of unnatural poses, fake smiles, and forced laughs. I approach every session lightheartedly, adding in silliness, which ironically captures the most meaningful photos. This approach allows everyone to relax, revealing natural, genuine smiles and the intricate details of each child’s unique personality. 
 How I became a Family Photographer:

I have always loved children and photography, but it wasn’t until I became a mother that I found my passion for merging the two together. As a new stay-at-home mom, I was humbled by how quickly time was passing and my daughter was changing. There were so many times in motherhood where I wished my eyes could photograph a unique expression or special moment so I could hold on to it forever. This heartache of not wanting to forget or miss a moment is what ultimately led me to pick up my camera again (which was a fixture on my hip in high school where I learned how to shoot and develop my own film).

More than anything, I’m passionate about the relationships I create with the families I am lucky enough to photograph. I am a huge believer in kindness and that any one person is just as important as any other. I love how children are like little sponges, intricately learning about the world through us. I admire how present children are and how they each exist in their own little, unique world. I have an innate ability to tap into each child’s world (emotionally and playfully) and immerse myself in it.  It’s my secret to keeping family sessions easy, fun, and stress-free while at the same time creating meaningful portraits of your family you will cherish for a lifetime.


Wardrobe Guidance:

The Location:

The location of your shoot will not only reflect your personality as a family, but it will set the tone and mood of the photos I create for you. I can suggest a location to you, but feel free to let me know if there’s a place that’s sentimental to your little family!

The Garments:

Dressing your family doesn’t have to be stressful. For a timeless, fine art photography look stick to soft, neutrals. Garments that are minimal in look, comfortable, and make you feel confident will allow the emotional dynamic of your family to shine.

The Details:

Details help weave memories together. These images quickly become favorites as they’re packed with all the things you marvel at and hope you never forget—the way they suck their thumb, those kissable baby cheeks, and how tiny those hands really are.


& Thank You.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to document the most loved and cherished people in your life. My heart gravitates towards children because they are the sweetest versions of ourselves. It is truly an honor to be part of your family’s heirlooms and heritage.

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