Cassie specializes in making her clients feel comfortable and developing great rapport with children. She has worked with children in many professional settings, but this is by far her favorite. She easily gets on the level of the child and tries to join their world. That world can range from silly to shy and her dynamic personality can handle it all. Adding in this sensitivity and awareness into her sessions is important to her because it helps make the experience fun, relaxed, and  enjoyable for the kids, therefore stress free for the adults (so important). Her focus is on connection, so although she’s professionally trained in posing, her image results showcase her talent in noticing the moment a pose becomes a warm family connection to capture.

Photography had always been a side hobby until Cassie had her 1st daughter in 2008. Homebound for the beginning months with her new baby reignited her passion for using her camera as as an instrument in helping freeze time. Creating portraits and capturing moments became her inspiration to start offering her talent out to the world around her. The business was built on word of mouth referrals, mom to mom, so it’s foundation is strong. She truly loves what she does and it’s an honor
for her be a part of adding something meaningful into your family’s heirlooms and heritage.