Charlotte and Mackenzie were born extremely early and weighed each only 1 pound at birth. The sweet little things were in the NICU for an extended period of time and extremely vulnerable. Brought home on oxygen, mom was encouraged to keep them isolated for health risk reasons for over 2 years. Now, finally, they are 3 and mom used the gratitude and joy for her healthy little babes to celebrate with all the people  and doctors who have supported them for the past three years. She collaborated with Beijos Events for design and hired Frozen’s Elsa and Anna (the Twin’s favorites) to be there  with all their magic. Guests were invited to donate to Good Samaritan Hospital in lieu of gifts. It was awesome to see how happy and healthy  Charlotte and Mackenzie are. They were practically spellbound by the arrival of the ice princess, as all their friends were too. “Let it Go” was sung loud and clear by all the kids, Gelato was served from Dolce Spazio in Los Gatos, Face painting, bubble machines, a magic show…you name it, it was happening. It was a happy day. I was glad to be there and to once again, meet another sweet family. Here’s a peek into the party.


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