It’s such an honor to be featured on a blog that you LOVE.

The story begins like this. I have a mom-friend who is knowledgeable in photography and  is remodeling her home. We met up at the Farmer’s Market by chance a few months ago and started talking photography. The conversation eventually led to film. She and her husband own a few great medium format film cameras  and offered to let me borrow them while they remodel. #littledreamcometrue. Of course, I took them up on this generous offer and promised to treat them like I would my very own newborn baby. Well, that being said, not only did they bring over 2 amazing cameras, but also multiple lenses, and a HUGE bag of film! They said “have at it!”  Wow. Really?! And so I began, with great insecurity, to shoot. I used my favorite models, my kids, and shot 6 rolls, got them developed and scanned at The FIND Lab and was excited and surprised to see that there were some results! (those shots are for another day). Getting some photographs that I loved and some really supportive feedback from the lab encouraged me to bring the camera on a “real” shoot. This turned out to be such an amazing shoot for so many reasons. The couple and their energy were two of the main. They were so patient with me as I switched from camera to camera and I’m forever grateful to them for that. When I got the scans back I fell in love with this first image. I took a chance and submitted it to a blog that I love and it was selected to be among many others today as part of a feature. I feel so excited and inspired to keep going with film. I adore the look of it– so natural and real. Please head over and get to know the Let the Kids blog and peek at the feature today! Thanks!

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