A couple weekends ago I was lucky enough to grab a spot in a daylong workshop held by Jonathan Canlas. He’s a photographer I look up to and was so grateful to learn from.  He taught us a lot, which I vigilantly took notes on, but more than that I was struck that he was just such a NICE person. There was no question too silly to ask. There was no ego. He was an open book and super supportive. I was the only one there with no recent film experience and he was so patient with me and encouraging. I shot with my mom’s old honeywell pentax that she lent me back in 1997 for my high school photog class. I didn’t remember how to load the film properly, and I even had the bad luck of having my film rip at the end of the roll. Jon made sure it was salvagable. He was genuinely concerned and his lab worked hard to successfully get me some of the images off of it. And they DID! Honestly, I wasn’t really excited about what I learned at the workshop until I saw the results. I’ve always been attracted to the look of film images and so intimidated to try it again  Now, I have that 1st step under my belt. I’m so excited to try more and see more results. So a HUGE thanks to Jon, to my mom for giving me her old camera to play with again, and to the beautiful models for helping me get this new little photography adventure started!

Here’s a little peek at the best of what I got off my first roll of Portra 400.

photocrati gallery