My Sun, My Moon, My Star…

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Sarah has been a client of mine for years. She found me when she was pregnant with Theo. She and her family moved to Boston for a few years when he was around 1. They had a baby girl there. She and Kevin met as undergrads at  Northeastern University in Boston. It was at some point back in those days that they had connected to the talented photography team of Henry & Mac; the very same photographers my youngest sister chose to document her wedding! Small world, big connections. I love that part of life. It makes it all feel meant to be. Aside from the fact that she is stunningly beautiful, she is also so perfect in front of the camera. Her maternity session for Theo may have been my first accepted submission to the popular family trend and inspiration blog 100 layer Cakelet. I am always so inspired working with her. You can imagine the way I felt when she called to let me know she’s back in the Bay Area again and has a business idea she wants me to help her with. Eeeek! A collaboration with this creative lady has been so exciting to think about. Today we will shoot a demo of what we are going to soon be promoting…so stay tuned to hear more about it!

First things, first though, we updated her family portraits. I got to meet her beautiful Callie! We met at the Sutro Baths on a foggy afternoon a few weeks ago. It was perfect (and I’m one who usually loves the sun in my images). Another reminder to trust the process, it’s always the just the way its supposed to be even if we don’t know the reason at the time. It was freezing cold and somehow we all lasted for a full hour! Fun and adventure was a great distraction for the kids, thankfully. 

My favorite new detail was her tattoo. She said she got it for her family…her sun, her moon, her star. So subtle and meaningful at the same time. LOVE. 💗 

*click on each image to see in larger scale. And if you want a session at the Sutro Baths, Call me! xo