It’s always an honor to photograph the celebration of two loved beings committing their lives to each other and sharing that with the people that mean the most to them.

Just in meeting Anna and David for the first time I could understand why they are so loved. Anna is just pure love and kindness.The two of them ooze youthfulness and a total freedom of spirit. They are adventurers at heart and their celebration was partly a sharing of the adventures they’ve been on. Anna and David had already technically married one year ago and spent an 8 month honeymoon traveling the WORLD. You can catch up with them on their blog:

The table placements were based on airline tickets to the places they’ve traveled. I love that. So special and unique to them, yet such a cute idea!

They met years ago, each on a personal adventure, on the streets of Bangkok. And now, having returned from their honeymoon, they brought family and friends together from all over the world (Germany, Australia, etc.) to be with them to renew their vows and share the uniting of their lives, love and traditions with them. And, let’s not forget, to PARTY!

Thank you for asking me to be a part of your day!

I loved every minute of it. xo


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