Family photos can feel like a big task to take on, and you’re likely overseeing the planning for your family on your own. There’s a lot of prep that goes into choosing outfits and getting everyone ready. I know that stress very well. I’ve had many photoshoots with my family and it always creates butterflies for me.

I’ve approached sessions for my family a bunch of ways.

There was a session that I prepped extensively for, bought myself the beautiful long, flowing dress from Free People and color complimented everyone else’s outfits, had my makeup and hair professionally done, even fake eyelashes glued on, the works! And guess what? I LOVED the photos. I still do. They are dreamy and ethereal, and some are in frames and will stay there forever. I felt beautiful and confident and I could see that reflected in the photos.

Life hack: If Mom feels confident and calm, the rest of the team usually does too.

But that’s not a full representation of who I feel we are as a family. I didn’t want every time we took photos to have the same look, so the next time we scheduled a session, we stayed very casual. We were on the beach, so just shorts and t-shirts, barefoot. I did my own makeup and hair, picked a flower off a hibiscus shrub and put it behind my ear. Again, LOVED the photos, have some of the gems of that session framed as well. 

But let me tell you about the most recent photoshoot my family had.



I have a tween and a teen and a husband who is not a morning person. The reason it was early morning was to avoid crowds and heat. Everyone was aware of the time of day we had scheduled, but when the morning came my husband, not my kids, protested. I had been in tears of frustration just before we arrived. (You can totally show up to a photo session with me in this state. I will never judge you.)


In my disheartened state I ended up letting everyone choose what they wanted to wear. I even said “anyone who doesn’t want to come doesn’t have to” and I meant it. The bug-eyed looks flew at me. “Are you sure?”  Yes. I was done.

The session was too long for my kids (105 minutes), so they fell out of politeness eventually. The faces they made during pictures of the two of them together were of annoyance  (even with me behind the photographer trying to make them laugh, then begging them for just. one. smile.


Luckily, After the session, (before we even get the pictures back), my husband hugged me and said, “I’m so sorry. I’m really glad we did this. Thank you for putting this together. This is important.”. We got the photos back and in some I saw what I feared,  puffy morning just cried face, frizzy, untamed hair, and forced smiles.

San Francisco Bay Area fine art Family Photographer 41
You may think I’m crazy

but I LOVED these photos too


Brad and I ARE tired. No mistaking it. We’ve been at the full-time parenting thing for over 15 years now. We argue sometimes and our bad moods fall upon inopportune times, as do our kids’. 

There were as many gems in this shoot as there were in any other session we’d had, which goes to show that no matter how a session is approached, we will come away with at least a handful of outstandingly beautiful images.

I really value the unique authenticity of all the different kinds of families and the stages they are in. We are telling a small part of the story of you and your family when we have a session. Looking back you want to remember and smile at how you remember that part of your son daughter, husband. 


Full Session $1050

~includes all edited high resolution downloads from your gallery

Newborn Session $1150

~includes all edited high resolution downloads from your gallery

Mini Session $750

~includes all edited high resolution downloads from your gallery

Each package includes

-Classic film, or film style edits of your entire family portrait collection

-Travel Within the San Francisco Bay Area

-Delivery of your high-resolution family portrait images 

-A personal reproduction release for making prints & albums

Online viewing gallery to order prints, and share your images with family & friend

More on Family portrait sessions:

Family photography sessions can take place at your home or location of choice and include up to 5 people. For each additional person past 5 there is a $25 additional cost. Family sessions can take place any time of day. It’s encouraged to schedule your session around the best time for your family. (Take naps and meal times into consideration.) Family photography sessions document your family as they naturally are in the comfort of your home or in an outdoor area. After the session, images are processed and uploaded to an online gallery where you can purchase prints or products from the gallery. Family sessions are offered year-round . Process and development takes 2-3 weeks. Standard travel fee applies outside of the Bay Area .

“Thank you for such an amazing session at our home last weekend. I was so anxious about having a newborn session – unsure how the baby would be, unsure how I’d be feeling. I am beyond happy we did it and it would not have been nearly as amazing without you. You brought such a calming and happy energy to the session. “

-Grace P.



For a timeless, fine art photography look, stick to soft, neutrals. Garments that are minimal in look, comfortable, and make you feel confident will allow the emotional dynamic of your family to shine.

The location of your shoot will not only reflect your personality as a family, but it will set the tone and mood of the photos I create for you. I can suggest a location to you, but feel free to let me know if there’s a place that’s sentimental to your little family!

Let me do the work of interacting with the kids and getting them  smiling. Remember crazy energy comes from being excited. Being excited is part of being a kid. Just let them be who they are and the session will be smooth. Some kids are silly. I encourage you to let them be.  Remember, I have over 13 years experience photographing families and children, and I understand that not every moment will be perfect. I can capture beautiful candid shots even when kids are being a bit rambunctious. Trust in my expertise and enjoy the process of capturing precious memories with your family.

  • Snacks and water: Especially if you have young children, it’s a good idea to bring some snacks and water to keep everyone energized and hydrated throughout the session. This can also be a useful distraction if kids start to feel restless.
  • Baby essentials: If you have an infant or toddler, pack a diaper bag with essentials such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and any other items your child may need during the session.
  • Hair and makeup touch-up supplies: Bring along some basic hair and makeup supplies for touch-ups if needed. This can be particularly useful for outdoor shoots where weather conditions may affect your appearance.
  • Comfort items for children: If your children have comfort items like a favorite toy or a blanket, bring them along. These items can help them feel more at ease during the session and may provide a sense of familiarity.
  • Any necessary permits or permissions: If you’re planning to have the session at a location that requires permits or permissions, make sure to obtain them in advance and bring them with you.

Expect to receive a robust gallery of images to create prints or memory books from.

Ultimately, I understand the choice of a family photographer is personal and subjective. My best advice would always be to trust your instincts and go with a photographer who you believe will capture the essence of your family and help you feel at ease creating images that you will cherish.

There are a few things that make me stand out I’ve been told and observed in myself working with other photographers:

The first being the most important, I am adept in my studies of psychology, specifically related to child development. I got a BA early childhood education and sociology, AND a masters in counseling psychology with an emphasis in working with children and families. You might be wondering why this matters. It is because it’s helped me learn to interpret and be guided by children’s behavior. I have an unending devotion for making children feel seen, and appreciated, and loved. It’s been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Interacting with children and creating a positive experience fills me up inside. Hence, why I love my job so much. 

I have 13 years experience professionally photographing families and children. Before that, photography was my most beloved hobby, so I’ve been using a camera as a tool to capture my love for the people in my life and savoring the memories we share since age 9. My mom still has my polaroid self portrait. I’m in my bedroom standing next to all my favorite stuffed animals, and she also saved a school project asking what I want to be when I grow up: A photographer. When she found that and I had already launched this business it was a poignant moment for both of us. She also loves photography and developed her own film in a self-created dark room in our house growing up. Maybe it’s in the genes? Ha! That’s a good reason too.

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On the pressure we can put on our kids:

If you’re like me, you want your kid to be happy simply because they are being themselves. Before self consciousness hits is one of my favorite aged subject to photograph because we don’t (yet) put those expectations on kids to perform for us.

It’s in the not performing where the magic is, I promise. 

I have learned that no matter the phase or mood of the moment, pictures that you love will be a product of the session we have together. 

It’s as likely as seeing a rainbow that you’ll have a session and love every single photo you get back. What we learn as photographers just starting out is if you get ONE good photo from a roll of film, you’re doing great. Now that we have digital cameras it’s easier to get more than one, but there is only really a handful of photos from a session that you will really love and want to frame. The rest are just a documentation of the life stage your family is in, which is beautiful because that moment in time is fleeting and I want to remember how it was. How it REALLY was. 

So, I don’t tell you what to wear BUT what you wear will affect how you feel about the final result, so think about what you envision the final product to be. I will, however, help you if you should request. I have Pinterest boards of outfits that I love and I’m happy to search a brand you love and suggest things from that point. No extra cost. I do that with many of my clients. 

Time of day matters. I always ask the mom or dad I’m working with to take naps and meals into consideration. When the kids are little their moods depend on those schedules. Don’t push yourself to have the session at sunset because you think the light is best then. There is no best light. Just a different look to the light throughout the day. Mood matters more than light in getting great family photos. It all depends on your kid(s). Mine could have never survived a late afternoon sunset session when they were little, but I’ve worked with many whose kids can. 

Once you’ve arrived and see me, remind yourself to let go.

Let me do the work of interacting with the kids and getting them to smiling. Remember crazy energy comes from being excited. Being excited is part of being a kid. Just let them be who they are and the session will be smooth. Some kids are silly. I encourage you to let them be.

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