Set Yourself Free | Letting Go of Perfection 

“It is good to remember that one of our goals in life is to not be perfect. We often lose track of this aspiration. When we make mistakes, we think that we are failing or not measuring up. But if life is about experimenting, experiencing, and learning, then to be imperfect is a prerequisite. Life becomes much more interesting once we let go of our quest for perfection and aspire for imperfection instead.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t strive to be our best. We simply accept that there is no such thing as perfection—especially in life. All living things are in a ceaseless state of movement. Your life changes more than it stays the same. Trying to hold on to perfection or forcing it to happen causes frustration and unhappiness.

We can choose to experience the universe as a loving place where we are meant to be imperfect. Once we realize this, we can begin to take ourselves less seriously and have more fun. Imperfection is inherent to being human.” -The DailyOm

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I needed to hear ALL OF THIS  today. My perfectionism can paralyze me sometimes and it’s NOT at all where the truth lies. So, this morning, in order to break through the barrier that’s been eating at me lately, and let go a little more, (there’s always more to let go of) I taught Ava how to hold my clunky camera and practice shooting. We laughed with Nathan as he flew across the bed in acrobats. I took some shots of him and she took some shots of us and I love how it was captured. Just a little window light and some love. That’s all that’s required in the recipe for a good photograph. Done. And I already feel the release.