Straight from the Beijos Blog:

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to have your little one give a sweet valentine that is made + packaged with love. You can’t go wrong with mergiune kisses…A sugary kiss everyone will pucker up for!

Start with store bought or freshly made meringue kisses. (They can be found at most stores in either white or mixed pastels)

Squeeze a couple drops of food coloring and add water to create your perfect color palette…. The more water you add the lighter the color will be….

We used just red and created a mix of light to dark pinks to play with.

We packaged the watercolor meringue kisses in an acrylic tube box, and tied a pretty + pink personalized tag on each one.  Tags were done by the talented Anne Robin!”


And for the littles style:

“We teamed up with Darling Clementine to show you a couple looks we are smitten over for your little one this valentines day.

Dylan is wearing the Organic Cotton Jersey Jumpsuit in pink + Red Twist Scarf and the bright pink tutu (sold out) + Bobo Choses Red Lip Swimsuit

Jett is sporting the Gold Kisses Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt + Petit Monster Black Trousers  accessorized with the Je T’aime Kids Beanie in black.”


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