Super nice people. That’s what I have to say about this family. It was so easy to be around them and watch them adore their handsome little man. He is so loved. What touched me most about Catrina was that she mentioned right up front that her handsome little was born with a cleft lip and had just healed up from the surgery. She told me upfront because she wanted to make sure I didn’t hide it in my editing, and that I got a close up of his face. My fondness for them just doubled when she said that. I so admire her embracing the “imperfect” and recognizing that it’s, in fact, not imperfect at all. It’s exactly part of who he is. If we could all think a little more like this… I love her for it. She inspires me. Needless to say, I loved this shoot. I love the images. A huge thanks to Jessica Koontz for the referral. So glad to meet you guys! Here’s a peek into our late afternoon shoot at Rancho. xo

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