I always say this, but it really is such an honor to be welcomed into a home with a newborn baby and asked to capture that fleeting moment in time. Before we left on our island adventure in March, I got an email from Tina telling me that her 2nd beautiful boy, Oscar had been born. We scheduled for 3 days later and I met Oscar on his 4th day of life outside the comfort of the womb. After a good nurse, he was ready to be a star in front of the camera. He did SO well, being passed back and forth to mom and then dad and then to mr. photographer himself, little bro, Kasper. Kasper was as ready as I was, even more so maybe. He had his very own camera and spent most of the shoot re-adjusting it and screwing it into a tripod. He set up where I set up and snapped his own shots. Move over, Cass! The vibe in the Hamberger home was super relaxed and calm. I really enjoyed every minute of the 90 I spent there. Hard to believe that Oscar is already 3 weeks older at this point. He is such a beautiful boy, as is Kasper. I can’t wait to catch up with them again soon! Congratulations Tina and Fredrik! Thank you for asking me to to be your photographer. xo


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