You can always begin again.

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One of my favorite pieces of wisdom that I’ve learned and I offer my kids is that we can always begin again. At any point in the day we can take a moment, some deep breaths, and start it over if it’s gone awry. It offers the hope that we can keep growing, and changing, and adjusting to make life feel like it fits with who we are at the core. 

So, here I am, beginning again and I hope you’ll join me. xo

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Goodness, where does life take us? The whirlwind of having growing children has me asking this lately? There is always so much going on at once, but i’ve been certain since Ava was 2 years old that I needed more. I needed to ignite some passion (aside from my passion for motherhood and parenting) and I wanted to share it.  Since moving up to Petaluma, I’ve had some quiet moments to reflect on my business. I’ve seen how much it’s grown and thrived and I feel so lucky. I also want to see it grow more. I want to add more to it . I decided it needed a complete makeover. Never have I spent the time and energy I wished I had on this lovely occupation of mine. It deserves SO much more! This year I decided to give it more. So here we go! A new adventure in portraiture. A new logo, new headshots, a new approach to the business side that’s healthier for me and will make myself, and my family more secure, an easier way for you to connect to your images and purchase what you love. To all that have been so devoted and grown with me through all these years, I truly love you. Thank you for growing with me. And to those new families I will get to work with, I am grateful that you have an appreciation for this kind of work and the value it holds for us as the years pass. I’m happy that something in my vision of childhood and family resonated in you. Thank you for investing in me to capture your important people and little slices of your story together with each passing year. Cheers to 10 years in business! Cheers to 10 more! xo