Kodak and Ka’anapali

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Have you guys seen The White Lotus, on hbomax? I couldn’t have devoured it faster.

One reason I was so drawn into the series was because of the cinematography. The deep, warm, softness of colors and texture lit up by the Hawaiian early morning or late evening sunlight. It just felt like film to me in every way and I couldn’t pull my eyes away. Add that to some psychologically fucked up relationships and I’m hooked. 🙄

I didn’t discover that series until we came home from this trip to Hawaii and then I got the film back yesterday from Photovision Lab and Prints and felt such similar feels to the show. It was really cool to know I see the beauty of Hawaii in a similar way as the cinematography for the series.  Another reminder to pay attention: that when we see what we admire in others, we likely have already in ourselves. ❤️

Of course, I love my kids more than you love my kids, so I’m in love with these and you may just see kids, but I see the whole of them. Is vacation ever shangri-la? Um, No. Images and instagram make us think it is though. And it’s not the fault of the person posting (they’re just sharing their happiness *normal people are at least* ). It’s what the mind does when it sees happy images… it makes more! We love to make up narratives & stories to make sense of people we see and interact with, and we do that as we push our thumbs up the face of our iPhones, too. If you find yourself feeling bad after getting off social media sometimes, just mentally picture all the hard moments you’ve had today and the hundreds of millions of people who have had them too. You are not alone or unique. We need to tell each other more about that more often. 

I’ll speak for myself though, OUR vacations are filled with excitement, fun, appreciation, bonding, laughing AND hunger, jet lag, boredom, and unpredictable places. It takes adaptability to travel, and kids can be a little slow to learn how to handle it with grace. There’s a medley of kid fights, or fights with kids, creating moments that you wonder why the hell you ever brought them on vacation to begin with. You wonder how entitled and spoiled your kid is actually going to grow up to be  and start to feel like a crappy parent. It’s ALL of it, on blast, for however long you are on “vacation”. It’s overwhelming and awesome all at the same time. Totally worth it, depending on the vacation place 😉. 

This is our trip to Ka’napali, West Maui, HI in July 2021 though my eyes and Kodak Portra 800 film.

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