The Best Feedback – My heart is happy.

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Last weekend I met a new family in SF. I was excited for the session because…new baby! But I had no idea how much love and connection I would get out of the time we spent together. This new mama found me via a mothers online community platform. Someone recommended me, and if you’re out there reading this, please know how very grateful I am. The biggest compliment to me is being chosen among the masses of family photographers out there for the way I see and capture families and childhood. I find I adore so many of my clients, and I think it’s because we share that vision of natural beauty and the sentiment around meaningful moments in time captured together. I can’t wait to share this session. It was all shot of film, so I’m still waiting for the scans, but I intend to share more her, on this blog… (I know, it’s been said before).

I’m pretty disenchanted with social media these days, so I want to put my efforts into things I enjoy doing. Meeting up with families is my favorite part of this work, but telling our stories is another. So, here we go again. Another intention to go for and nurture. Love you guys. Thanks for being here with me.