Welcome to the world, Penelope. 🌸

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mom touching newborn

Sweet Penny slept through the whole session. 🩷

Of course, when we jostled her to different positions she needed some comfort from mom, but overall, she was easy peasy. We can never control the temperament of our babes, but it sure is less stressful for us when they don’t mind the sounds of the shutter click or being moved from place to place. Add in an SF apartment with beautiful mid day light pouring through the back bedroom windows, and you have perfect conditions for shooting the images you know you are going to LOVE.

I got to shoot ALL film, which I love to do because I love a film photograph more than I love a digital one any day of the week. 😉 They add something emotional to the images for me. I’m still trying to find my way around describing the reason I prefer film. Probably something to do with the fact that all my childhood photos were shot on film. 🎞️

I couldn’t have dreamed up nicer couple to meet for our first session together. Mom found me through a mothers online platform (so THANK YOU to whoever put my name out there in the ether 🙏). I was in awe of mom’s openness and kindness. The kind of person you feel safe with immediately (Dad too). And her home aesthetic! Heart eyes. How do I get so lucky?! Her incorporation of vintage, refurbished furniture and art for the walls, had me in a photographer’s heaven. Plus, the subject! …and her little Peter Pan collared onesie….it was perfection all around. I loved every minute of my time with them.

Here’s a peek at some of my favorites from the bunch. In this first image if you turn your head to the left a little you can see she’s smiling ever so slightly. 😍 And the dog, their first baby, was so well behaved.